New Era of TN Li-ion Battery - Sino French joint venture to introduce high-end technology with reliable safety and quality!
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In November 2019, witnessed by the heads of state of China and France, Tianneng established a joint venture with SAFT Groupe A, a subsidiary of TOTAL in France, one of the world's top 500 companies. Tianneng SAFT Energy Joint Stock Company is committed to providing clean energy system solutions in the field of power and energy storage for global consumers and making great contributions to the development of global new energy industry.

The cooperation between China and France is oriented by national policy and industrial upgrading. Through policy guidance, platform building and factor gathering, it realizes resource integration, promotes the transformation of advanced technology into new energy industry, accelerates the implementation of scientific and technological achievements, and builds a "circular and sustainable" ecology of technology upgrading and industrial upgrading.




One is a leading enterprise in China's new energy battery industry, and the other is a new energy battery company with a hundred year history of leading technology in the world. It is self-evident that the two companies are strong in combination, and their comprehensive strength is also self-evident.

TNG and TOTAL both belong to the energy industry, both of which have solid business foundation, rich management experience and strong brand strength. The establishment of TSE is the result of the strong combination of the two companies. The establishment of the joint venture is a major measure for Tianneng and TOTAL to realize resource sharing, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win, and common development. It marks that the cooperation between the two sides has achieved phased results. At the same time, it is also an important opportunity to promote the transformation and upgrading of the new energy industry, technological innovation and business model innovation, which is a milestone in the history of new energy development. 




Gen3 technology system, safety technology upgrade

Over the past year, both sides have made full use of their advantages to develop, manufacture and sell high-performance lithium-ion batteries, modules and high-end battery packs, and provide clean energy system solutions in the field of power and energy storage to the global market.

With the continuous development of domestic new energy vehicles, 5g communication base stations, industrial energy storage and light electric vehicles, the market demand for lithium battery products will break out. However, there are still many problems in the domestic market, especially the safety of the battery. In view of this market pain point, Tianneng introduced shuaifude advanced gen3 technology system and applied this technology system to products. 



Gen3 technology system is a concentrated embodiment of SAFT's 100 year battery technology accumulation and innovation. It is a complete technology system integrating 3D nano and other battery material innovation technology, digital design and R & D process and intelligent manufacturing factory. Under the framework of Gen3 technology system, TSE product have excellent performance, such as good safety, stable process, small resistance, fast charging and discharging, long life and high consistency.

High end products 

In view of the development of E-bike industry, TSE has brought two lithium battery products, LFP battery and LMFP battery, for light electric vehicles. This is the first achievement of Tianneng and SAFT since their cooperation, and it is also a new generation product based on SAFT's Gen3 technology architecture. Relying on SAFT's leading experience in battery material science, digital R & D technology and production management, the two products have excellent performance in safety, energy density and durability. 



In terms of production and manufacturing, TSE’s production process is constantly improving. The whole production process adopts top industrial standards, improves the automation level, adopts data management and online monitoring, etc. all these measures bring higher production efficiency, better consistency and quality battery products to the production of JV.

In terms of battery design, the performance of the two batteries under various conditions, including normal conditions and abuse, can be simulated by computer-aided system. Through the quality control system and PDCA method, the battery can fully meet the market demand in terms of safety and performance indicators.

In terms of battery pack, the design of the two batteries includes waterproof, dust-proof and IP67 level protection, and the fire protection system certified by China Quality Certification Center is equipped.

In terms of battery electronics, in terms of software and hardware, the company has also designed multiple protection for the installation of two battery products, providing comprehensive protection for batteries through power management system, cloud intelligent control and other technologies. On the premise of fully ensuring safety, help E-bike battery products to achieve a qualitative leap in performance.

Global R & D backbone, leading industrial upgrading and development

Thanks to the in-depth cooperation between China and France, the company has built a 2500 square meter R & D center with the whole process of advanced battery technology development capacity.

At present, SAFT has R & D centers in Bordeaux, France and corkisville, USA. with the development of China's business, TSE technology R & D center will become the backbone of SAFT's global R & D for ternary lithium battery, LFP and LMFP, and will continue to bring more benefits to Chinese consumers with High performance and safer lithium battery products.




TSE has a strong sales and service network. Next, we will continue to focus on the distribution of the sub market such as "Ebike + EB + ESS", promote the mass production and landing of various advanced lithium battery technologies and continuously expand the lithium battery application scenarios. In the future, JV will provide higher performance green and clean energy for all fields, and become a first-class supplier of high efficiency lithium battery solutions.