New Era of Tianneng Li-ion Battery | multi speed creates Tianneng brand strength!
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In recent years, the whole new energy industry in the world is making great strides forward, and the diversified competitiveness of scientific and technological innovation is becoming more and more important. In particular, the upgrading of lithium battery technology is driving the whole energy supply structure to change quietly and driving the rapid development of the industry. Tianneng lithium battery has made rapid layout in multiple directions from covering fields to intelligent manufacturing upgrading and then to international cooperation, making "Tianneng speed" a beautiful landscape in the industry.

Domain coverage speed

From new travel to e-consumption, infiltrating diversified application scenarios

Tianneng has accumulated many years of industry experience. Through continuous technical research and development, Tianneng has rapidly covered its products in five major fields: lithium batteries for electric vehicles, industrial lithium batteries, lithium batteries for energy storage, new energy lithium batteries and lithium batteries for electronic consumption. It has continuously explored the boundaries of lithium battery application scenarios and built a comprehensive lithium battery industry ecology.



In the field of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, we are trying to re travel the scene, infiltrating safety into the deep demand of travel, creating a double cycle safety system of technology and service, enabling new travel from the inside out. In terms of technical safety, new breakthroughs have been made in process, cell technology, material, BMS management system and other aspects. Automobile grade lithium battery technology, ferromanganese lithium cell technology, special ceramic coated separator, high-performance artificial graphite anode material have been comprehensively upgraded to bring consumers a more safe and reliable product experience. Especially in the BMS intelligent security management system construction, the achievements are well received by the industry. Through app to achieve seamless intelligent Internet of things, intelligent data management and monitoring, promote the industry to digital, intelligent road. In terms of service security system, Tianneng lithium creates a full-service Skynet to reach every corner of the security service.

Based on the needs of industrial users, Tianneng lithium starts from high cycle and focuses on the significant improvement of product performance. The LiFePO4 battery developed by Tianneng has 3500 cycles, which ensures users to enjoy the surging power anytime and anywhere. In view of the strong power demand of low-speed four-wheel vehicle, Tianneng new energy lithium battery continuously optimizes and innovates its technology, and its cycle life is more than or equal to 4000cycle, which helps the vehicle's ultra long life. And equipped with solid materials and technology, the product experience is more competitive.

At present, carbon neutrality has become a national development strategy, and energy storage has once again become the focus of attention. Focusing on Tianneng, which has been using energy storage batteries for many years, we have developed a series of smart energy solutions with resource advantages. The R & D and application of Tianneng energy storage sector provide stable and safe power supply and power storage for various scenarios, assist the ecological optimization and upgrading of lithium energy storage, and cheer for clean energy. At the same time, solar energy lithium battery also laid out the field of electronic consumer lithium batteries, involving children's cars, toy batteries, electronic audio and video batteries, electronic metering batteries, medical / sprayer batteries, emergency energy storage batteries, etc.

Intelligent speed

Intelligent manufacturing upgrade, TN not let go of any possibility

From smart phones, smart home and other intelligent hardware devices to row upon row of intelligent systems, intelligence has penetrated into the corners of social life. Tianneng, as a world-famous solution provider of green energy system, starts from production and manufacturing, integrates intelligent manufacturing into production, strives to realize comprehensive intelligence faster and promote the intelligent development of the industry.




With the support of strong scientific research team and production strength, Tianneng lithium battery is equipped with the industry leading lithium battery production line with high automation level, which will apply intelligent + production to the actual situation. Through equipment upgrading and intelligent transformation, Tianneng lithium battery will realize "machine replacement", help intelligent management of the whole production site and greatly improve production efficiency. At the same time, the consistency of production in the technology workshop of solar lithium battery is very high, and the product quality can be guaranteed to the greatest extent. In addition, through the interconnection of equipment, the digital equipment such as CNC machine tool and robot in workshop can realize program network communication, data remote acquisition, centralized program management, big data analysis, visual display and intelligent decision support.

Speed of internationalization

Strengthen international cooperation and inject fresh blood into lithium battery

Tianneng lithium power has a strong forward-looking, has been in the first place before the insight into the arrival of lithium outlet. In november2019, Tianneng Shuai Fude company was established with shuadefu, under total, to introduce international leading lithium power technology, so that Tianneng lithium power station can fly on the lithium outlet and promote the process of lithium power in China. 




Tianneng lithium is deeply integrated into the technological advantages of China and France. It has reached the world's top level in small power lithium. It continues to make efforts by means of digital empowerment and driven by technological upgrading. In the future, Tianneng lithium will continue to be committed to the introduction of advanced technical teams at home and abroad, and strive to develop higher quality, safer and more environmentally friendly materials and products to meet the market demand.

No matter in the application field of scenario demand development, or in the lithium technology upgrading, Tianneng lithium always stands at the height of scientific and technological innovation, leading the industry tide. In the future, it is expected that "Tianneng speed" will continue to create more possibilities.