New Era of Tianneng Li-ion Battery丨2021 brand strategy conference held to define safe li-ion battery with "Heng Technology"
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On March 25, Tianneng lithium held the 2021 brand strategy conference in Tianjin, at which Tianneng lithium released its 2021 brand strategy, new products of Heng technology series and intelligent after-sales service system. 

In 2019, Tianneng established a joint venture with SAFT, a subsidiary of France's Total, to fully enter the field of high-end lithium batteries, marking a new era for the development of Tianneng lithium batteries. In the next 15 months, Tianneng lithium held a number of major meetings in Shenzhen, Yiwu, Changxing and other places, continuously leading the innovation and transformation of lithium industry products and technologies. 




Full layout of lithium battery

Three systems escort

This conference is defined as the "singularity" in the development history of Tianneng lithium battery. Supported by the system strategy with the core of product system, service system and sales system, the new pattern of Tianneng lithium battery with the strategic goal of "the leader of small power lithium battery, the pioneer of energy storage lithium battery, the participant of upstream and downstream industries and electric vehicle lithium battery" is becoming clearer. 

In terms of product system, Tianneng lithium battery has been focusing on providing lithium batteries for consumers around the world to use at ease. Now it has formed a rich product line of small power lithium batteries, energy storage lithium batteries, electric vehicle lithium batteries, etc. The diversified materials composed of "high energy ternary + super energy lithium ferromanganese + Super lithium iron phosphate" and the multi series products of "conventional series + Heng Technology Series" have the mature conditions to meet the needs of different lithium application scenarios and different levels of users 




In the service system, Tianneng lithium battery has a complete "Online + offline" intelligent after-sales service system. Relying on cloud technology, Tianneng smart service app is the presentation of front-end data, and background big data is the core technical support. Intelligent background server will comprehensively calculate front-end data, update algorithm constantly, improve detection accuracy of front end, and then improve user experience. Online, with Tianneng smart service app as the intelligent realization means, the data sharing of four ports of consumers, stores, win-win businesses and manufacturers is realized through modern Internet technology, and the right to fault judgment is transferred to the front end; Offline has the perfect after-sales channel network, increase the after-sales localization capacity.

In the sales system, the solar energy lithium battery adopts the mode of "double cycle" + "four driving"“ In general, the double cycle is the leading pattern of domestic market. The international market is focusing on developing, helping to promote the globalization of Tianneng lithium battery products, technology globalization and brand globalization“ Four driving "refers to the coordination, continuous development and overall promotion of two wheel vehicle business, four wheel vehicle business, 5g+ energy storage service and digital and electric tools extension services.

"Balance technology" landing

Define the new era of lithium battery with safety

Tianneng lithium battery is focusing on the needs of users, forcing technology upgrading, putting the safety and quality of products to a strategic height, from materials to technology, from R & D to production, from sales to service, to achieve 720 ° Safety assurance, first into the lithium battery security phase. At the Yiwu exhibition last year, Tianneng lithium power officially released the brand concept of "Tianneng lithium battery, master the core technology of safety", releasing the most powerful sound of lithium battery safety. 




In this conference, Tianneng lithium put forward the safety formula of "innovative material technology + stable cell technology + high safety structure technology + Intelligent BMS technology = safety technology lithium battery products" to solve the users' pain points and meet the market demands, and launched a new product series - "Hengke technology" safety enhanced lithium battery series.

During the press conference, Li Mingjun, general manager of Tianneng shuaifude company, said, "safety and quality are the lifeline of the industry. Only when the safety performance is improved and the product quality is improved, can the final recognition of consumers be obtained. In this regard, Tianneng shuaifude integrates the strength of China and France, grasps the core safety technology, and has been working hard to develop high-quality lithium batteries with high safety performance, long life and more durability. The Heng technology products released this time will be able to withstand the test of the market. "




Heng Technology series products are upgraded from the four systems of material, cell, pack and BMS to ensure the safety and durability of cell. At the same time, the cloud big data is used for long-term tracking of battery status, which will be used as the guidance basis for the future development and upgrading of products, so that enterprises can develop more high-quality and user-friendly products of Hengke 2.0.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that in addition to the upgrading of the product's own safety attributes, Tianneng lithium intelligent after-sales service system also provides strong support for strengthening the safety of Tianneng lithium. Specifically, the lithium battery detection under Tianneng lithium intelligent after-sales service system is divided into two ways: intelligent detection and in-depth detection. Through the connection between the built-in Bluetooth module of lithium battery and the smart phone, the user can view the status and score of all aspects of the battery in real time, evaluate the use status of lithium battery, and improve the safety factor of the product in the use process.

Technology, brand and capacity

"Troika" of Tianneng lithium towards the future

The new energy lithium industry is a capital intensive, technology intensive and talent intensive industry. Tianneng lithium always believes that only by continuously excavating high-quality materials, innovating production technology and service mode, can it continue to provide stable, safe and user-friendly lithium battery products for the society.

Zhou Jianzhong, vice chairman of Tianneng holding group and chairman of Tianneng shuaifude company, said at the meeting that Tianneng lithium deeply integrates the technological advantages of China and France, and has reached the world's top level in small power lithium battery. At the same time, it is user-oriented and digital empowerment in low-speed four-wheel lithium battery, energy storage lithium battery, 3C digital lithium battery and other fields, Driven by technology upgrading, we continue to work hard. In the future, Tianneng lithium will continue to be committed to the introduction of advanced technical teams at home and abroad, and strive to develop higher quality, safer and more environmentally friendly materials and products to meet the market demand. 




Tianneng lithium TV firmly establishes brand and promotes the scale of industry as development criteria and put into practice. On the one hand, Tianneng lithium battery takes "Mastering the core technology of safety" as the brand core, insists on supporting brand construction with innovation driven development, strengthening brand foundation with quality improvement, strengthening brand culture construction, enhancing brand reputation, and giving full play to the positive role of brand in promoting industry upgrading; On the other hand, Tianneng lithium power has begun to integrate superior resources and lay out the production base construction. This year, the 12gwh high-energy lithium battery project in southern Taihu Lake will be launched. After the project is fully produced, the overall capacity will reach 15gwh.

Lithium industry is experiencing a rapid development of spring, with the "break painting" posture and "doer" state, Tianneng lithium battery has drawn clear blueprint for the high-quality development of the industry, and took the lead in the innovation of science and technology and product innovation. As Lu Jinlong, honorary director of Jiangsu Electric Vehicle Industry Association, said at the meeting, Tianneng lithium has the responsibility to become a new wind indicator leading the development of the global lithium industry in the future.